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  • 1 minute scene approx (1 page of script) with a partner

  • Camera focused on you

  • Dialogue 80-90% in your favor

  • Bring your own partner & material   

  • On a location of your choosing         

  • Final edit included with color correction & sound




  • 2 min scene approx (2-3 pages of script) with your partner

  • Multi focused scene with coverage of both actors

  • Dialogue approx 50-50%

  • Bring your own partner & material (split the cost with you partner)

  • On a location of your choosing

  • Final edit included with color correction & sound

Discount when buying Packages


2 single core scenes $900   DISCOUNTED RATE 

3 single core scenes $1250 DISCOUNTED RATE 


TWO PERSON SCENE - (split the cost with a partner)

2 Two Person scenes $1200 = $600 each  SAVE $200 total for 2 scenes!

3 Two Person scenes $1600 = $800 each  SAVE $500 total for 3 scenes!

We Write, We Direct, We Edit, You ACT!

Desert Born Productions uses our years of experience in front of and behind the camera to bring out your very best performances while producing high-quality, color graded professional footage to showcase you. Your scene will look like you have been in a current television series or film.

Video is the most valuable tool an actor can have to get an agent, create an impression with a casting director and up level your current career. Whether you are new or need to add more recent footage, don't wait!

We work with actors closely in the pre-production process by writing and tailoring a scene specifically for you considering your age range and type. Alternatively you can provide your own scene to shoot.

For more information about the packages and types of scenes we offer click here.

Demo Reels

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